Polartec, a Milliken & Company brand, announced the 2022 Polartec Apex Award winners. The annual design award celebrates brands and designers that turn Polartec fabric into award-winning products. The 12 garments were selected based on “innovative form and function” in sport, lifestyle and performance categories. 

The winners are:

  • Berghaus MTN Guide MW Hoody
    Judges’ Verdict: “Berghaus was thoughtful in its use of multiple Polartec fabrics, both in terms of genre and weight.”
  • Element x Millet MXE P Edge Fleece Ltd PO and MXE P Fleece LTD Pant
    Judges Verdict:We loved the sustainability story through Element and Millet’s use of discarded fabrics.”
  • Haglöfs L.I.M Z|T Sync 1 Mid-Hood and L.I.M Z|T Sync 2 Mid-Jacket
    Judges’ Verdict: “Haglöfs delivered an innovative concept made possible through the multiple uses of Polartec fabrics.”
  • Houdini Pace Flow Houdi
    Judges’ Verdict: “Houdini is known for its strong sustainability credentials and has delivered outstanding results with this new, recycled Polartec technology.”
  • Indyeva Toga
    Judges’ Verdict: “Indyeva’s unique application of Polartec fabric also features attention to detail and undeniable style.”
  • Kuiu Wind Pro Fleece Full Zip
    Judges’ Verdict:Kuiu presented us with a challenge that led to innovative results for both brands.”
  • Moncler Grenoble Peyrus Hooded Jacket and Shorts
    Judges’ Verdict: “Moncler Grenoble Peyrus Hooded Jacket and Shorts offer technical excellence for outdoor adventures with exceptional breathability.”
  • Nonnative Dweller Cardigan Poly Fleece
    Judges’ Verdict: “Nonnative’s cardigan is on-trend and features high-performance fabric—the perfect combination.”
  • Pearl Izumi Pro Alpha Layer
    Judges’ Verdict:We were impressed by Pearl Izumi’s focus on versatility through the clever use of fabric for year-round appeal.”
  • Santini Alpha Pack Vest
    Judges’ Verdict:Santini has successfully adopted this new Polartec technology to create an on-trend garment for gravel cyclists around the world.”
  • Scarpa Ribelle Run Kalibra G
    Judges’ Verdict: “Scarpa developed an impressive trail running shoe. A world-first and genius pairing of Polartec technology for high performance.”
  • Thrudark Centurion Alpine Jacket
    Judges’ Verdict: “ThruDark’s tried and tested Centurion Alpine Jacket uses multiple sustainable Polartec fabrics to create a jacket that will withstand extreme use.”

Award winners receive Polartec’s Malden Wizard trophy and joint marketing support. The Apex Awards also feature a People’s Choice Award, voted on by the public via Polartec social media platforms, and will be announced in the coming weeks.