SGB Media is the leading provider of market news, compelling content and expert analysis serving the active lifestyle B2B market.

Any releases posted in the SGB Media PR Portal will be reviewed for publication in one of the three segments where we are focused: SGB Update, SGB Today and SGB Executive.

SGB Update newsletters have consistently been focused on relevant industry business news regarding financial news, mergers & acquisitions, association news, new hires and promotions, and other business-related themes. SGB Media also creates original content — often based on releases we receive — that delves deeper into a category, subject or trend.

SGB Today is a midday email newsletter focused on Product Promotion, New Product Releases, New Brands, Product Marketing and Brand Marketing stories and initiatives. These are subject categories that we do not generally cover in the SGB Update newsletters.

Stories that are selected to run in SGB Today will also have coverage at the bottom of the SGB Update newsletters where press releases had previously been running. We will no longer publish a “Press Releases” segment on the web site or in the SGB Update newsletters.

SGB Executive is original content focused on C-level reporting of business news, financial news, executive interviews, product category trends and industry initiatives of interest to current and future leaders in the active lifestyle industry.

SGB Media offers the SGB Media PR Portal Partner Program to provide PR firms and brands direct access to post their press releases for consideration for publishing on and the SGB Media family of newsletters.

How Does it Work?

  • WordPress-based platform
  • Easy, template-guided posting
  • Draft and edit your own Press Release
  • Embargo-friendly scheduling available

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SGB Media Guidelines For Posting Press Releases To SGB Media PR Portal and Publication Selection To SGB Update Newsfeed

SGB Media editors review all b2b-related press releases for the Active Lifestyle Industry before distribution to ensure that content meets SGB Media Guidelines for posting. Following review, SGB Media editors have the final say in determining the scope for SGB Media distribution via and its Update newsletter.

Users/Uploaders of press releases to the SGB Media PR portal are responsible for the content and accuracy of all information submitted. SGB Media editors do not review press releases until the user/uploader moves the press release from “Draft” to “Pending.” Once an SGB Media editor approves and posts a press release to with the SGB Media byline, the press release is live news and cannot be altered or changed by the user/uploader or SGB Media.

Active press releases can only be removed from by request by emailing the Editor-in-Chief, Teresa Hartford, at Once removed, the press release cannot be backdated and reposted by the user/uploader.

Posting Parameters

  • SGB Media follows AP Standard and SGB Media style guide guidelines.
  • SGB Media edits press releases and applies the SGB Media byline.
  • Hot Links may not exceed three; videos one.
  • No more than three images.

SGB Media covers the following:

  1. Active Lifestyle Industry brands and parent corporations.
  2. Active Lifestyle Industry retailers and parent corporations.
  3. Active Lifestyle Trade Associations or trade shows that serve a constituency comprised primarily of active lifestyle industry brands, retailers and/or sales reps.
  4. Nationally recognized Active Lifestyle Industry non-profit organizations with a Board of Directors comprised primarily of current or former representatives of active lifestyle industry brands, retailers, sales reps, or trade associations. SGB Media is not consumer-focused and intends to remain B2B-centric.

Press releases selected by SGB Media for publishing must adhere to the strict guidelines SGB Media has observed over the last 25 years as we strive to maintain our independent business voice and focus.

SGB Media does not cover the following:

  1. Product promotion, product marketing or brand marketing.
  2. Promotion of retail accounts, clients or customers (new or existing), including for PR Agencies of Record.
  3. Fundraising for advertising for brands, retailers, sales reps, trade associations, or non-profits, including Shark Tank, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and other crowdsourcing.
  4. Boosting the status or material content of print or digital publications.
  5. Boosting the status of influencers or announcements of collaborations with influencers for brand marketing.
  6. Pre-orders for products or product sales.
  7. Promotional messages directed toward “other media channels,” including podcasts, television, film, print, mobile and digital.
  8. Event promotion except for Active Lifestyle Industry trade shows, conferences and webinars unless there is a marketing partnership with SGB Media.
  9. Podcasts must be supported by an SGB Media marketing partnership.
  10. Non-endemic brands or companies unless supported by an SGB Media marketing partnership.
  11. Job search or recruiting.
  12. Political advocacy, political activism or social activism.
  13. Product awards from other publications.
  14. Derogatory commentary, profanity or vulgarity.

SGB Media reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to edit, refuse to publish, or remove comments, articles and user-generated content from the that it believes could be prohibited or inappropriate. SGB Media does not guarantee that a press release will be selected for publication in its newsletters or to its site. Content selected for publishing is at the sole discretion of SGB Media editors and that falls within SGB Media corporate guidelines.

Users are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username/password to access the SGB PR portal for posting press releases and expressly agree to absolve SGB Media of any responsibility and/or liability in this regard.

If SGB Media reasonably believes that a username/password is being used/misused in any manner, SGB Media reserves the right to cancel access rights immediately without notice and block access to all users from that IP address. Furthermore, users are entirely responsible for all activities under their account and agree to notify SGB Media immediately of any unauthorized use of their account or any other security breach.

SGB Media is not liable for any loss that a user/uploader may incur due to someone else using their username/password/account; however, the user could be held liable for losses incurred by SGB Media or another party due to someone else using their username/password/account.