PowerMetal, in collaboration with COLT Hockey, has launched a Kickstarter “crowdsourcing” platform to support the launch of a new hockey stick utilizing cutting-edge, nano-technology. The funding effort will support the completion of the final product and the establishment of a manufacturing base in Canada.

 is being supported by the Kickstarter “crowdsourcing” platform. The COLT hockey Kickstarter campaign was launched only 2 weeks ago and has already achieved a significant fraction of its original funding goal.

The COLT hockey stick is a multi-layer structure which combines high performance carbon fibre with PowerMetal's patented high strength, light weight nanometal. The result is a light weight, high performance hockey stick that possesses superior impact resistance and durability.

Feedback from test groups has shown that the COLT also provides exceptional 'power' and superior stick handling arising from enhanced responsiveness (i.e., feel and control). In particular, players mentioned that their carbon fibre sticks tend to “weaken” and become less responsive after a few games. PowerMetal's technology helps maintain the required stiffness and preferred flex of the stick for an extended period of time.

Until October 9th, introductory sticks are being provided as part of the available rewards to supporters of the COLT Kickstarter initiative.

About Powermetal:

PowerMetal Technologies is a leading high-performance component supplier of nanomaterials to the billion dollar sporting goods and consumer products industries. PowerMetal partners with industry leaders to design and develop nanometal components with unique properties that enable sporting goods companies to create breakthrough products which significantly enhance product performance. PowerMetal has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with worldwide patents that protect both products and processes exclusively licensed from Integran Technologies, Inc.

About COLT Hockey:

The COLT Hockey team is composed of a group of motivated, passionate individuals who want to make a difference within the hockey community. Since approaching PowerMetal with the COLT Hockey Stick concept, the team has expanded to include not only hockey enthusiasts, but also young entrepreneurs specializing in the fields of marketing and branding, web design and development, social media networking, as well as equipment experts from within the ice and ball hockey communities.