Power Plate, a maker of vibrating platforms to help athletes prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker, announced a strategic partnership with SKLZ and a continuing partnership with EXOS.

The two companies will work with Power Plate to offer new fitness and health training solutions and programs for their customers. The Power Plate team has worked closely with SKLZ, the maker of training products for athletes, and EXOS, a leader in proactive health and performance, to create the Innovate collection of training kits and programs.

The SKLZ products accessory kits – SKLZ Basic Accessory Kit and SKLZ Pro Accessory Kit – will compliment to the health, fitness, and performance benefits of Power Plate. Thed new accessory kits will feature a variety of the training products SKLZ has become known for including; training cables, barrel rollers, medicine balls and kettlebells. In addition, Power Plate will begin providing these new accessory kits, along with existing Power Plate products, to EXOS for use in their existing facilities and training programs.

“We are very excited to partner with SKLZ and build on our relationship with EXOS as they share our same commitment to providing the best training solutions in the industry,” said Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, owner and manufacturer of Power Plate. “We are looking forward to working together to develop new products and programming that will help people achieve their fitness and health goals.”

The new accessory kits are available now and can be found at https://powerplate.com/products/accessories.

Photo courtesy Power Plate