Powder Mountain is expanding its public and private offerings with two terrain additions. This expansion will introduce the public to two

new areas with expert and advanced terrain on the mountain’s west side and provide access to vast expert and advanced terrain for homeowners on the east side.

“We’re fortunate in Utah to have enough land to expand our skiable terrain and keep the ski experience uncrowded,” said CEO Reed Hastings. “These acquisitions, alongside our decisions to not accept mega passes and limit day ticket sales, help to fulfill our promise of keeping Powder Mountain uncrowded, independent, and a truly special place for generations to come.”

The expansion plans are in addition to the three public lifts planned, which the company announced for the 2024/25 season. 

New Public Lift Service Announced for Wolf Canyon / DMI
Powder Mountain announced plans to expand lift access to new adjoining mountain areas owned by Powder in Wolf Canyon, which offers access to DMI and expert and advanced terrain in Northern Utah via iconic lines through wide open bowls, prime glades, and expert shoots. The new lift infrastructure will add 900 acres of lift-served and 147 acres of hike-to access, for a total of 1,047 acres.

Surveying and planning will begin this summer, with the announcement of construction timelines and routing of lift infrastructure to follow. Powder aims to offer guided adventure experiences for the 2024/25 season. Summer 2025 is the target for lift installation.

Powder Signs Contract for 2,390 Acres of Adjacent Land For Private Offering
Powder Mountain plans to acquire 2,390 acres from a neighboring property, further expanding the private homeowner offering. The new terrain features 1,766 feet of consistently-pitched vertical drop over 980 acres through glades and several cut runs and is cat-skied today. The terrain is located near the village and is a natural extension of the existing private offering.

“I’d like to acknowledge my Co-Owner at Powder, Greg Mauro, who kept us out of the Epic/Ikon passes, forging our “uncrowded” position that led to the No.1 Ski Mag ranking. Greg was also the architect of this expanded terrain.”

Image courtesy Powder Mountain/Tristan Sandler