Pony International, LLC, announced a partnership with Sports Biomechanics Inc., [SBI] one of the shoe industry’s premier experts in footwear technology. All testing with SBI will be done at Michigan State University, utilizing the university’s award winning staff, unique testing equipment, and ground breaking research knowledge. Pony will consult with an assigned team of biomechanic engineers who will test and evaluate Pony performance product against known industry standards and assist in research and developing new and innovative materials.

“We are excited to collaborate with an industry leader to design and develop ground-breaking footwear technology,” says Killick Datta, CEO of Global Brand Marketing, Inc., the majority owner of Pony International, LLC. “By partnering with SBI and Michigan State University, we will ensure that Pony provides superior performance products.”

Active for over 20 years, Sports Biomechanics Inc. has produced dozens of footwear patents on specialized footwear innovations and is committed to incorporating these innovations into marketable products. SBI president Ray Fredericksen comments: “Teaming up with a progressive and innovative company like Pony, who understands the importance of comfort, fashion, and functional performance will establish them as a leader in the competitive footwear industry.”

SBI will research and test Pony product at the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories [OBL], located at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University, utilizing test and development methods such as biomechanical analysis, ASTM and ANSI standard material test methods, ergonomic evaluation, and computer modeling.