Pony International announced a partnership with PPG Industries,
a supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products,
specialty materials, glass and fiberglass. Pony said that PPG's
state-of-the-art coating systems will enable Pony to infuse the the
latest technologies into its footwear.

“The partnership's objective is to develop a coating system to perform
over multiple substrates, enhance the quality of performance and
appearance, provide innovation to design, and be an effective tool to
Pony for market differentiation to customers,” said Colin Brickley,
Pony's public relations and sports marketing director. “The VIVAFLEX
color system by PPG provides an exciting palette of colors and finishes
derived from PPG's history of color creation in industrial, automotive,
architectural and aerospace markets.”

Pony said the VIVAFLEX color system will create a unique color harmony
from a choice of more than 60,000 colors and finishes displayed on Pony
shoes while lending a uniform appearance when applied to most flexible
materials used in athletic footwear, like synthetic leather, ethylene
vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic urethane (TPU)
and rubber.

“The VIVAFLEX coating system will significantly impact how we design,
develop and manufacture footwear and we are beyond excited about this
partnership with PPG,” Nathan Crary, Pony's Vice President of
Development said.

The VIVAFLEX color system is an automotive quality material with
excellent exterior durability, fade resistance, flexibility, and
colorfastness. PPG's footwear applications center in Ping Shan will
manufacture to exact quality standards to offer repeat color management
on some of the hottest new footwear by Pony.