Polartec, LLC and Unifi, Inc. have partnered to introduce new performance fabrics made with Repreve 100, which the companies say is made from 100% post-consumer waste (clear plastic water bottles).


Collaborative efforts have grown Polartec's recycled product line from less than one percent of total production to over 30% in the past four years. Polartec said the introduction of Repreve 100 will enable Polartec to shift much more production to recycled content by 2011. Every pound of Repreve 100 yarn contains approximately 27 water bottles. REPREVE 100-based Polartec fabrics is expected to hit the consumer market in Spring 2011.


Andy Vecchione, president of Polartec, LLC, states, “Unifi has been an excellent partner in our quest to deliver high performance, recycled content fabrics while reducing our overall footprint throughout the supply chain.”