PickUp, a technology platform that helps media companies make sports content more interactive, has raised initial funding in a seed round led by KB Partners and will launch later this year.

PickUp enables publishers and content creators to make editorial content interactive through contextual and shareable questions. PickUp’s platform lets publishers tap into fan conversations and embed relevant questions into their content.

Fans can then share answers within their communities and invite them to also answer questions creating a broader level of engagement with the content they consume which affords publishers incremental monetization opportunities in the process. Unlike other offerings, PickUp brings content into fan conversations via text, Slack, WhatsApp, and broader social channels.

“Even in this time of uncertainty, there is one thing that we’re sure of: sports fans still have opinions, and they want their opinions to be heard,” said Dan Healy, co-founder and CEO, PickUp. “Those opinions are only going to ramp up as our favorite players and teams get back on the field.”

After demonstrating success in a closed beta, PickUp recently raised initial funding in a seed round led by KB Partners, bolstered by an investment from Drive by DraftKings and Connetic Ventures.

“Before we went wider with this technology, we wanted to be able to prove that fans want deeper engagement with the content they are reading,” said PickUp Co-Founder and Head of Product, Chris Meisner. “The results of the beta solidified our thesis, and we are excited to be tapping into an unmet need for passionate fans everywhere.”

Healy started PickUp after more than eight years with Prolific Interactive as Partner and COO. Prolific built apps for Lululemon, Soulcycle, TB12, AMEX, and many others and received an investment from Omnicom before Healy and the leadership group sold the company to WeWork in 2019.

The PickUp advisory board includes Jon Werther, former President of Meredith; Noah Szubski, former CEO, The Action Network; and Di Wilkins, CEO, Critical Mass.

“I have seen numerous platforms attempt to contextually engage sports fans during my 20-plus-year career in media,” said Werther. “PickUp does it as well as anyone I’ve seen.”

Logo courtesy PickUp