Phoenix Sports Partners, a sports technology and data investment fund based in Chicago, announced that it will add Atavus to its growing portfolio. The acquisition of Atavus, a football tackling analytics and certification platform, was finalized earlier this month.

“We’re looking forward to the future with Phoenix,” said Karen Bryant, CEO of Atavus. “We’ve had some amazing wins this year, including new partnerships with several key programs like Texas Tech, Baylor, and Oklahoma; the launch of Atavus Edge and Tacklytics Core; the extension of our partnership with the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and tremendous growth in our Digital Tackling Academy. Phoenix will help us continue that winning streak.”

Started in 2011 as a platform to develop skills and champion rugby in the United States, Atavus has expanded to become the authority on tackle performance, analysis, and coaching techniques for football. Atavus combines coaching experience with modern film and data analysis to produce one-of-a-kind insights designed to improve performance, boost players’ confidence, and increase player safety.

“Our technique focuses on maximizing power and control in the tackle, while reducing the risk of injury by keeping the player’s head out of the tackle,” added Bryant. “The Atavus Tackle System is the most comprehensive tackling system on the market and we’re confident Phoenix will enable us to get this much-needed and timely resource in the hands of more coaches and more teams.”

Phoenix Sports Partners owns, controls and invests in sports technology and data companies. The Chicago-based investment fund takes a partnership-driven approach, working with passionate entrepreneurs and supporting scalable growth for each of its portfolio companies. Other brands in the Phoenix portfolio include Vizual Edge, FanFood, Legacy Esports, Monsterful, fusesport, Block Six Analytics, and Collegiate Sports Management Group.

“Atavus is a natural fit within our portfolio,” said Brian Kopp, Group CEO and Partner at Phoenix. “Our goal at Phoenix is to find companies that are changing the game, like Atavus, and give them access to the tools and connections that will fuel their continued growth and have a lasting impact on the markets we serve.”