Perception Kayaks has been named exclusive 2004 kayak sponsor for A5 Outdoor Adventures in Boulder, Colorado, a new series of school programs and camps established to introduce children and families to outdoor recreation. Perception will supply recreational kayaks and Harmony will provide paddles for the 2004 pilot program scheduled to launch on April 26, 2004.

The A5 Outdoor Adventures program is comprised of a school outdoor base camp, after school instruction, a summer outdoor base camp and a family adventure camp. The program, which will also include a corresponding classroom curriculum, will introduce kids to outdoor activities including kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking among other activities. The program will expand in 2005 across the Colorado Front Range and to the San Francisco Bay area, and is planned to expand regionally each year. Dave Secunda, an outdoor industry veteran, is the founder.

Specifically, Perception will provide Sparky recreational kayaks, and Harmony will provide Adventure paddles for the first A5 Outdoor Adventures program taking place during a one week period at the Flatirons Elementary School in Boulder. Three hundred first to fifth graders will participate.

“A5 Outdoor Adventures shares our commitment to helping kids develop a deeper appreciation for the outdoors,” said Mike Steck, Watermark's director of marketing. “This innovative program is a solid first step in bringing the outdoors closer to kids who may otherwise be inclined to spend hours in front of the TV or their Sony Play Station. Once kids start kayaking, chances are they will be paddlers for life. This is a terrific opportunity to introduce kayaking early and to grow the sport. We applaud the spirit of this creative approach.”

“A5 Outdoor Adventures was founded to address the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of kids today,” commented Secunda. “Our program delivers a spectrum of outdoor recreation non-competitive activities for kids and families that are designed not only to provide awesome kids' experiences, but also, to offer relief for today's busy parents. We thank Perception and Harmony for their proactive support of the program.”