Peloton announced plans to launch in Germany, its third market outside the U.S., by the end of this year.

The company introduced the Peloton Bike to a U.S. audience in 2014 and expanded internationally last fall, starting with the U.K. and Canada. With its upcoming German launch, Peloton will introduce its category-creating indoor cycling bike and immersive and innovative platform, featuring thousands of live and on-demand instructor-led classes, to an entirely new audience. This also marks the first time Peloton will offer regular non-English language instruction.

German consumers will be able to purchase the Peloton Bike online or through the brand’s retail showrooms, which Peloton plans to roll out in several key German cities beginning at launch. These locations will provide an opportunity for German consumers to physically experience Peloton firsthand. The bike in Germany will cost €2,290 (including VAT), and the monthly content subscription will be €39.

Peloton also plans to add German indoor cycling instructors to its world-class roster of talent to produce German-language class content for its newest members. These instructors will teach from Peloton’s London-based studio. German subtitles will also be available for hundreds of Peloton’s English-language classes.

“Germany is Europe’s largest fitness market, where over 10 million people belong to a gym, so it was a natural next step for Peloton, as we continue to grow our brand internationally,” said Kevin Cornils, Managing Director, International for Peloton. “We’re excited to introduce Peloton and its combination of high-quality hardware, software and content to a population who values wellness, technology and design.”