Pedego Electric Bikes of Irvine, CA is asking consumers in the United States and Canada to check the batteries on their Pedego e-bikes to see if they are from a batch it is recalling due to potential electrical flaws.

The batteries were manufactured between January, 2010 and September, 2013. Pedego offers four different batteries ranging from 360 to 720 watt hours to power its e-bikes, but did not specify which is subject to the recall. Instead it is instructing customers to remove the cover of battery packs with certain serial numbers to inspect the cells inside. Those using Samsung battery cells are not affected by the recall.

“As part of our continuous product testing and improvement process, Pedego Electric Bikes Inc. has identified that some batteries from a specific supplier can have the potential to short out,” reads a form on the company's webiste. “If you have purchased a bike or battery, please go through this recall process to determine if your battery is part of the recall OR bring your battery to your local Pedego dealer for assistance with the recall process.”