The Pear 2.0 Fitness app, which Pear Sports kept under lock and key during its development and into mid-August 2015, uses real-time audio coaching that tracks movement detection, allowing users to chart and track fitness gains through VO2 max – the measure of maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can use. 2.0 is a revamping of the classic Pear app.

Pear Sports has teamed up with over 50 world-class fitness experts, athletes and coaches to create custom training programs and deliver real-time coaching, specific to the goals and performance levels of each unique individual.

Bob Allison, Co-founder, Pear Sports

Bob Allison, Co-founder, Pear Sports

“Over the past year, the original Pear app has undergone an extensive transformation incorporating user feedback, expert knowledge and industry trends,” said Bob Allison, co-founder, Pear Sports. “Pear 2.0’s technology aims to help both people who are just beginning their fitness journeys and athletes already in shape, maximize their potential.”

With more than 500 unique workout programs ranging from running, to yoga, to strength training, 2.0 offers a holistic mobile fitness solution, making personalized training available to anyone, anywhere.

The evolution of the Pear app furthers the reputation earned by Pear Sports, which is considered a leader in fitness training based on real-time audio coaching innovations. The Pear app upgrade includes new fitness scores based on VO2 max, personalized workout recommendations that take activity level, interests, biometrics, current locations and preferred training methods of the end user into consideration, and integration of aggregated and analyzed data from other partner performance devices like the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor. Wahoo and Pear are working together to expand coaching based on dozens of strength movements including squats, lunges, push-ups and crunches.

Pear 2.0 also syncs directly with the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System, consisting of Pear Bluetooth heart rate monitor and StrideTM earphones to track distance, speed, pace, time, heart rate and calorie consumption when running, biking, etc.

Get coached by legend Deena Kastor. Photo courtesy of Pear Sports

Get coached by legend Deena Kastor. Photo: Pear Sports

Deena Kastor, Olympic medalist and long-distance runner, stands by the VO2 Max tracking as Pear 2.0’s crown jewel. Incorporating VO2 max measurement into the app, eliminates the confusion and expense of lab tests, while providing highly-individualized progress reporting and insights on exercise, stress and recovery.

“I personally use VO2 max as a benchmark in my training,” said Kastor. “It not only shows me the progress I’m making during training, but also how my fitness compares with other people my age and gender… But whether your goal is qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or you’re simply looking to lose a few pounds, VO2 Max is an important number for you to know and understand.”

Pear expressed its purpose in renovating the app was to distill all motivational and tracking tools into one place, making it easier to train smarter and let individuals view their fitness goals with greater clarity and focus.