Patagonia is suing third-party seller Kimberly McHugh for selling Patagonia-branded products through Amazon and other platforms without authorization, according to Her site, My Litter Corner, portrays itself as an authorized dealer, according to the lawsuit.

Patagonia’s complaint with McHugh stems from her mass purchasing Patagonia wares for resale but not being an authorized retailer who follows the company’s strict policies, including a warranty.

Additionally, the resale prices are inflated, and the brand fears consumers will believe McHugh’s store “originate[s] from Patagonia.” As an example, the men’s Nano Puff jacket is currently $199 on Patagonia’s site, while My Little Corner had it listed for $272.

More than “infringing, misusing, and trading on Patagonia’s famous Fitz Roy logo trademark, its copyrights, and its reputation and goodwill,” Patagonia claims that McHugh is “illegally interfering with Patagonia’s dealer agreements.”