Patagonia Provisions, the food and beverage division of Patagonia, acquired Moonshot, a plant-based snack brand based in San Francisco.

Moonshot’s main ingredient, wheat, and said to be grown with regenerative agriculture and organic practices and traceable to the farm and the field. Farmers, the miller and the manufacturer in the supply chain are within 100 miles of each other, which “results in a lower carbon footprint.”

“Moonshot has achieved impressive growth by producing and selling delicious and nutritious crackers with a materially improved carbon footprint compared to industry standard practices,” said Paul Lightfoot, general manager of Patagonia Provisions. “Moonshot’s values and mission are strongly aligned with Patagonia Provisions, which made it easy to warmly welcome their people onto our team.”

“I founded Moonshot with the vision of using the power of food to help tackle climate change,” said Julia Collins, founder of Moonshot. “By joining Patagonia Provisions, who recently made Earth their only shareholder, Moonshot now belongs to the planet. I cannot imagine a more spectacular path forward for our mission, our team and our climatarian community.”