Solforce and SunPower Corp. announced the completed installation of a 27.6-kilowatt SunPower solar power system at the Ventura, CA campus headquarters of Patagonia.

The new system is installed on the roof of Patagonia's Firehouse, an energy-efficient, sustainably designed building the company constructed for administrative purposes. The system is expected to offset 50 percent of the building's total energy use. Patagonia has had a 66-kilowatt solar parking canopy at its headquarters campus since 2005.

“Generating our own clean, renewable solar power supports Patagonia's deep commitment to sustainability and reduces our operating expenses,” said Elissa Loughman of Patagonia. “Solforce was a great local partner that offered solar expertise, competitive pricing and excellent advice on further enhancing our energy efficiency. They recommended SunPower solar panels to maximize the amount of power generated on our roof over the long term.”

Patagonia modeled the Firehouse building after a turn-of-the-century firehouse that stood in the same location. Staying as true to the original design as possible, the company incorporated modern sustainable building practices to reduce construction waste, employ sustainably sourced and recycled materials, and maximize energy efficiency.

“Patagonia has an unparalleled dedication to conservation and the environment,” said Abe Powell of Solforce. “The SunPower system we designed and built will reliably allow them to reduce their dependency on power from the utility grid for the next 25 years or more.”

“SunPower guarantees the performance of its high efficiency panels, ensuring that customers such as Patagonia can meet their environmental and financial goals,” said Jim Pape, president of SunPower's residential and commercial business group. “SunPower dealers are selected for their high standards of customer service and quality workmanship. We commend Solforce for exceeding expectations on the delivery of this important installation for Patagonia.”