Paragon Sports, the New York sporting goods institution, announced that after re-evaluating shoppers’ needs, it will no longer sell animal fur products starting in the winter of 2020.

Paragon said in a statement, “Paragon Sports is a family-owned business that has been serving New York City since 1908. As a leader in the sports industry, we have always been customer-focused and innovative. This means we are constantly reevaluating the products that we carry and adapting to evolving preferences. There has been considerable innovation in the non-fur products that we have to offer and we recognize that many of our customers have grown to prefer these fur-free products. As such, this winter will be our last season of bringing fur products into our store. We are confident in our ability to provide our customers with the most unique and technologically advanced products available for a more conscientious and sustainable future.”

The retailer noted that its fur-free policy allows for ethically sourced sheep fur products referred to as “shearling” or “sheepskin.”

The move comes after a three-year campaign by animal activists in New York City, including protests outside the Paragon Sports’ store as well as in front of Canada’s Goose store in lower Manhattan. Protests were also reportedly held outside the home of Paragon Sports’ Vice President and COO Zachary Blank.

The campaign was backed by the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“Paragon Sports is moving into the future by leaving fur behind,” Tracy Reiman, PETA’s Executive Vice President, said in a release. “As Canada Goose struggles and fails to change its cruel image, PETA looks forward to seeing Paragon’s racks finally free of the brand’s fur-trimmed coats.”