Outside Magazine announced the launch of “Outside University,” a nationwide tour of colleges and universities designed to promote an active lifestyle to a new generation of enthusiasts.

“With American obesity and inactivity rates climbing, we want to challenge college students to leave the pizza and video games behind and explore the world outside,” said Matt McKee, Director of Marketing for Outside Magazine. “We see the next crop of outdoor enthusiasts coming from today's students and we are proactively going out there to encourage them to become active now.”

Elite climber and humorist, Timmy O'Neill, will be the featured performer on the tour. Known as the “Urban Ape” for his occasional exploits scaling city buildings, O'Neill combines stand up comedy with tales of adventure – a program that leaves audiences motivated to get outdoors. Outward Bound representatives, outdoor retailers and local outfitters will be on hand to sign up students for various adventures of their choosing.

“Outward Bound strongly supports grassroots efforts which focus on getting people active in the outdoors,” said Michelle Barnes, Vice President of Wilderness Programs for Outward Bound. “We see this tour as the perfect front door for hundreds of college students looking to take that first step, learn more and most importantly – get outside.”

The tour includes 20 colleges and universities around the country and will be hosted on the campuses by student activity and outing groups.