Wylder, a curated online marketplace created for the modern outdoorswoman, officially launched November 23, 2016.

The e-shop focuses on well-curated clothing, gear and lifestyle goods.

“The old convention that ‘outdoorsy’ ladies had to have ‘indoor’ wardrobes and ‘outdoor’ wardrobes has become an obsolete model,” said Jainee Dial, Wylder co-founder. “Essentially, we want to be able to do more, with less. And because there are so many great brands mindfully producing these products, we believe that Wylder can facilitate and serve this new movement.”

Dial touts Wylder as Utah’s first female-owned and registered Benefit Corporation.

Through partnerships with several non-profit organizations like American Rivers, Outdoor Alliance and The B-RAD Foundation, Wylder has already developed a shopping model that integrates action and cultivates outdoor adventure stewards.

“We exist as a marketplace and a microphone for the mission driven companies in the outdoor industry. We celebrate those striving for better business and more transparent manufacturing practices, those that build lifetime products, that repair their goods, use post-consumer recycled materials and design beyond the planned-obsolescence so prevalent in consumer production,” added Lindsey Elliott, Wylder co-founder. “We work with brands with heart, soul, compassion and vision — who also believe business can be a force for social and environmental good.”

Brands available on Wylder at launch include Patagonia, United By Blue, Free Fly Apparel, Juniper Ridge, Holden, Woolrich, Fjallraven, Parks Project, Mystery Ranch, Carve Designs, Yellow 108 and Proof Eyewear.

Photo courtesy Wylder, Jordan Pay