The U.S. Congress has passed the FY06 Department of Defense Appropriation Act which includes $1.8 million in funding support for the U.S. Marine Corps Contact Glove. Developed and manufactured by Outdoor Research, the PS150 Contact Glove with Polartec(R) Power Stretch with X-Static(R) will allow Marines to conduct precise technical work such as operating computer and electronic equipment while protecting their hands from the cold weather combat environment.

Senator Murray (D-Wash.) said, “When we ask America's Marines to carry out a mission, we need to give them the right equipment so they can do their job safely and successfully. The Marines often operate in harsh environments, and this new glove will help keep them warm without limiting their ability to operate computers and other equipment.”

“The men and women serving in our Armed Forces need the best equipment available to carry out their missions. Fighting extreme weather conditions is often one of the hurdles our military troops have to face. I am proud that so many Northwest companies like Outdoor Research are working hard to help protect our troops,” added Senator Cantwell (D-Wash.)

The Outdoor Research PS150 Contact Glove is a Marine Corps-specific durable cold weather glove made with Polartec(R) Power Stretch, a water resistant finish, and naturally anti-microbial X-Static(R) silver fibers that neutralize odor causing bacteria. Using a specialized testing methodology to simulate a Marine's extended strenuous wear, the Outdoor Research gloves proved to be significantly more durable, comfortable and functional than the current gloves issued by the Marine Corps.

U.S. Representative Jim McDermott (D-7th/WA) whose Seattle district is home to Outdoor Research said, “We are very proud that world-class innovation developed by Outdoor Research here in Seattle will help protect Marines serving in harsh climate conditions anywhere in the world.”

“These gloves manufactured in Seattle at Outdoor Research provide our Marines with better protection and greater flexibility for demanding mountaineering conditions than any that are currently available to the Marine Corps.,” said U.S. Representative Norm Dicks (D-6th/WA), a member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. “It is essential that our military utilize the best gear available and this is another example of our Marines benefiting from the development of advanced outdoor gear here in the United States.”

For the past three years Outdoor Research has worked directly with the U.S. Military's Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) to develop an innovative handwear system that is highly tactile yet provides strong protection in mountain and cold weather environments. To meet the U.S. Marine Corps' directive, OR employed current advanced garment technologies for the outdoor/mountaineering industry to provide a glove with a new level of hand protection that will enable the Marines to conduct their extreme cold weather combat missions.

“We work closely with companies like Outdoor Research that utilize advanced and effective commercial technologies in a continuing effort to provide our Marines with the best equipment to support their missions.” According to Daniel Fitzgerald, U.S. Marine Corps, “OR takes a proactive approach to developing handwear and other equipment that meets the specific performance characteristics the Marines need and want.”

“We've been working closely with the U.S. Marine Corps to develop a glove system that provides the tactility, durability and comfort warfighters need to conduct their missions in extreme cold weather environments,” said Dan Nordstrom, owner and president of Outdoor Research. “The requirement that the military gear be produced in the United States provides us with an exciting opportunity to use our technical expertise and manufacturing to meet the specialized needs within the military for leading edge technical handware adept for cold weather warfare conditions.”