The North Face, REI, Patagonia, Merrell and Columbia Sportswear all issued messages of support for those protesting racial injustice.

The North Face under tweet entitled “Stop Racism” shared: “We know and acknowledge that for too long, racism has made the world unequal and unsafe. We recognize the pain and suffering racism has caused and are making a commitment to be part of the solution. We are standing up, because we owe it to everyone.”

REI shared on social media, “As a cooperative, REI is built on a set of ideals that we hold dear—we are stronger when we come together. However, the heartbreaking racial violence and injustices that the Black community continues to experience across this country provide a stark reminder that for many, those ideals are not a reality. It’s just as stark a reminder for us at REI—that for all our ideals, we are still a long way from achieving them for all in our own community. We must do better. We must continue to challenge ourselves, and our community, to be better listeners, better partners, better advocates for one another. For us to see the change we want in the world outside, we must start inside. We will continue to work with our partners, across the country, who have worked for years in service of greater equity & inclusion in the outdoors. And we call on our entire community to come together with collective resolve and a commitment to respect, understanding & support.”

Patagonia wrote on its social media pages, “We have work to do. We join with those who call out the name of George Floyd and too many others in sorrow and anger. We stand with those who know racism in America is systemic and pervasive. We believe environmental and social justice are inextricably linked. We call on businesses to work with government and civil society to support safe and thriving communities. We know nonviolent activism pushes progress. We have work to do.”

Merrell wrote on social media, “We believe the outdoors is for everyone. No matter who you are, where you came from, who you love or how you move, we should all be able to safely enjoy the power of being outside, or wherever life takes us.”

Columbia Sportswear shared on social media, “We stand with all victims of racism and all who speak out and act against racial injustice.