Osprey Packs, Inc. donated assorted technical backpacks worth $4,300 to the Humanitarian International Services Group to help with its clean up efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

HISG is a New York state non-profit that specializes in funneling private sector resources to for-profit and non-for-profit organizations involved in crisis response and developmental initiatives. The donated packs will be filled with supplies by HISG and delivered to displaced survivors, many of whom have lost their homes and personal belongings. The Osprey backpacks will also be used by “muckers” to carry equipment during the clean-up and rebuilding process.
“These packs from Osprey are exactly what assessments teams in the disaster zone have been requesting. They will meet an acute need in HISG’s response to Superstorm Sandy,” says HISG Director of International Disaster Response, David Bopp. “Osprey Packs has demonstrated once again how much we can accomplish when we work together to respond. Thanks to their leadership team for recognizing how they could fill a need and for making it happen so quickly.”
“Superstorm Sandy was an environmental catastrophe that displaced thousands and Osprey is proud to be able to provide this donation to aid on-the-ground clean-up efforts,” says Sam Mix, outdoor marketing manager at Osprey. “We wish a safe and speedy recovery to all those affected and it is our hope that this donation of packs will contribute to the very big efforts of the HISG in some small way.”
With so much assistance still needed, Osprey encourages Outdoor Industry partners to provide help where they can. For more information on how to assist in the effort, contact HISG’s David Bopp at dbopp@hisg.org or (303) 807-0852.