Osmo Nutrition puts to bed the last shreds of belief that any old hydration and protein products will work “just fine” for today’s active woman. Their lines of scientifically reviewed products, including the sweet and newly released Strawberry Hydration and White Mocha Protein, have been formulated around the physiological and hormonal fluctuations unique to a woman’s body.

According to Osmo exercise produces altered energy metabolism levels in women. These shifts directly impact recovery and performance. It is not the norm to design recovery and hydration supplements around female-specific hormone shifts, because the research is daunting. Due to hormonal fluctuations brought about mainly by a woman’s monthly cycle, most researchers are resigned to learning about men’s performance, letting uniquely female findings lag.


Osmo Canister Strawberry

Based off the pioneering efforts of Osmo Founder Dr. Stacy Sims, the company has evolved to understand the complicated science of women at work. That means lifting, running, biking, hiking – any activity where performance is required to thrive and make gains. Former generalizations about recovery carb to protein rations and hydration essentials fall flat to Osmo recipes.

“We deserve nutrition made specifically for us,” said Sims. “As a woman athlete, physiologist and nutrition scientist, I knew it was time to develop products for women athletes.”

Osmo added a second flavor, Strawberry, alongside Mango, to the Osmo Women’s Hydration line. Designed to address the impact hormonal changes have on health, wellness and athletic performance, the line increases power output, improves endurance and helps users avoid premenstrual-related performance decline. It may sound like an over-pumped claim, but the physiological impacts of PMS can impact the experience of working out.

The breakdown, according to Osmo, is that during a woman’s monthly cycle, her core temperature increases, requiring more and different electrolytes than men. Her plasma volume drops, requiring much more than water for optimal hydration.


Osmo 12 Pack Mocha

Like Mango, Strawberry comes in a 40-serving can, $20, or 24-unit single-serve stick pack display, $32. Mix two scoops, or one packet, with 16 fl. oz. of water and drink throughout the day when exercising.

As for Osmo’s Protein line, White Mocha was added to the flavor lineup. Formulated to promote muscle synthesis, reduce the side effects of hormone fluctuation and optimize training, Osmo’s protein is highly sophisticated in its efforts. At a biological level, men and women use proteins differently. In women, progesterone inhibits muscle repair and estrogen promotes fat storage. The three-to-one protein to carbohydrate ratio and 20-grams of protein per serving in Osmo’s products are scientifically optimal for building muscle, while adding the dual power of extending recovery.

Like the current offering, Honey and Spice, White Mocha comes in a 12-unit single-serve sachet, $36, or 12-serving canister, $30. Mix one scoop or one packet with 8 to 12 fl. oz. of water, or two scoops/two packets for hard sweat session recovery.