Continuing in a role they have served since 1998, Official Sports International has re-signed with U.S. Soccer as the exclusive supplier of USSF Referee apparel and accessories through the end of 2010.

With the deal, OSI will continue providing every piece of gear and equipment associated with refereeing a game, including shirts, shorts, socks and other accessories, like whistles, cards and flags.

As part of the new four-year agreement, OSI will provide apparel for U.S. Soccer's new program employing four full-time referees. OSI will serve as an “Official Sponsor” of the new ground-breaking program recently announced by U.S. Soccer.

OSI also supplies uniforms to referees in the English Premier League. For more information on OSI log on to, and check out U.S. Soccer's Referee Program at

The U.S. Soccer Federation's Referee Membership has grown tremendously over the years and at the end of 2006 totaled more than 140,000 officials. U.S. Soccer's referee organization is one of the largest among the 207 nations belonging to FIFA, with officials calling games at every level of the sport, including youth, amateur and professional games, as well as sanctioned international competitions.