The Ironman Group announced senior-level promotions within the company, including Thomas Siebert, senior vice president, head of finance – EMEA, and Matt Wikstrom to senior vice president, global partnerships.

Marieka Barnard, Peta Bell, Dan Berglund, Joanna Jordan, and Keats McGonigal have also joined the senior level with promotions to vice president roles.

“As we look at ways to foster organizational development at The Ironman Group, we are delighted to recognize the valued contributions and leadership of Thomas, Matt, Marieka, Peta, Dan, Joanna, and Keats,” said Andrew Messick, president and chief executive officer for The Ironman Group. “They have proven to be strong team leaders driving our business forward through their hard work and initiative, especially during the challenges of this past year. Their passion and dedication will continue to make us a better organization and we look forward to the continued impact they will have in their new senior leadership roles.”

Thomas Siebert joined The Ironman Group in 2012, coming from Ernst & Young. Siebert played an essential role in reorganizing the EMEA business to align all processes within the finance department across all countries and subregions. In parallel, the EMEA region grew through acquisitions that were supported and, in many cases, driven by Siebert. Siebert has recently engaged in acquisitions globally while building a finance team to support 73 events across 29 countries and 19 offices in the EMEA region. Partnering with the global executive team, Siebert will be a crucial contributor to The Ironman Group’s growth as its global mergers & acquisitions team leader moving forward.

Wikstrom joined The Ironman Group in November 2019 with a strong sales background and understanding of the endurance sports industry. He has led multiple new partnership negotiations to be announced for both the Rock’ n’ Roll Marathon Series and Ironman triathlon series. Wikstrom has successfully provided leadership to regional sales executives globally and ensured proper coordination of opportunities with the merchandising, licensing and digital functions. Wikstrom plays a key role in ensuring the promotion of the company’s various series and emphasis on platform partnership.

Logo courtesy The Ironman Group