The Dyrt, the app for camping availability, photos and reviews, reported in its 2024 Camping Report that one-third (33.5 percent) of Oregon campers camped alone in 2023, higher than the 12 percent national average.

Also, nearly three-quarters of Oregon campers found free camping in 2023, or 16 percent greater than the U.S. average. For this year’s annual report, The Dyrt, based in Portland, OR, took a closer look at three West Coast camping states — Oregon, California and Washington.

Another finding about Oregon in the 2024 Camping Report is that van life remains strong, with 12.7 percent identifying camper vans as their primary camping type. That rate is 70 percent higher than the average American camper. 

Among those Oregon van lifers are The Dyrt founders Sarah Smith and Kevin Long, who ran the company remotely for six months while traveling the country in their camper van.

“We camped across the entire country with the idea in the back of our minds that we might find a new place to live,” said Smith. “Ultimately, we came back to Oregon partly because of the abundance of dispersed camping options.”

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Image courtesy Big Lake Campground, Oregon