Offos has partnered with the Los Angles Rams to provide players and coaches with Oofos at the start of training camp and during the season to support their recovery efforts.

The Rams coaching staff reached out to Oofos after they heard about the impact-absorbing OOfoam technology ability to support recovery benefits for athletes. Many of the players and coaches have been seen wearing Oofos during training camp on the hit HBO show Hard Knocks.

“Times have changed, training camp is significantly different. In those old days… you had to be physical… Training camp was designed to get players in shape. In this day and age, players stay in shape all year round. So we’ve changed everything around over the last couple of years, with the emphasis being recovery,” said Jeff Fisher, LA Rams head coach.

“After 31 years coaching in the NFL as a coach at every level from Assistant to Head Coach, I know what is real and what works. Oofos are both real and they work!” said Dave McGinnis, LA Rams Assistant Head Coach.

“Its been a fantastic relationship as the feedback we’ve been getting from the Rams has helped us confirm just how important proper recovery is for elite athletes. Receiving ongoing feedback from the players has been helpful as we continue to evolve the technology to enhance the recovery process for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help them feel better,” said Deb Gendreau-Flynn, president of Oofos.