Olin Corporation announced that last week, Olin Winchester hosted legislators and outdoor industry representatives at a special event in Washington, D.C., to discuss the positive impact of shooting sports and hunting and responsible firearm ownership. The event also featured an introduction to Shoot United, an initiative designed to engage individuals and families in shooting sports activities.

“This was an important event for members of Congress to learn more about the current 60 million-plus target shooters in the U.S. and our initiative that will drive additional participation in all aspects of shooting sports,” said Scott Sutton, chairman, president and CEO of Olin Corporation. “The shooting sports offer so many benefits. It is time spent with family and friends in a safe and welcoming environment where all participants are equals on the range, and no one sits on the bench.”

Keynote messages at the event included the positive impact of safe and responsible firearm ownership in the United States.

“Over the past decade, we have seen more people than ever before turn to outdoor recreation, especially shooting sports. At the high school level, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports across the country. We see it firsthand. It’s safe. It’s fun. And it continues to grow,” said Brett Flaugher, president, Winchester. “While millions of Americans already enjoy these activities, many more have an interest in getting started. They just need help understanding where to begin. Our mission with Shoot United is simple; educate and invite those who are not familiar with firearm ownership and activities to participate, so they can enjoy the sport.”

Members of the shooting sports community, including educators and sports professionals, also attended the event and shared the impact of shooting sports on their lives.

“There are countless individuals who have made shooting sports a part of their lives, from Olympians and competitive sport shooters to high school athletes, coaches and families. We were very proud to host them at the event to share their stories with this important audience. This is reality. These individuals are proof that the shooting sports, hunting and responsible firearm ownership contribute to our communities in many positive ways,” said Flaugher.