At hearings before the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office, Rich Harper, manager of international trade, OIA, said the proposed List 4 tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports would “raise costs for outdoor companies, cut already thin profit margins, hamper innovation and new product development and depress U.S. job growth.”

He noted that the 25 percent tariffs would come on top of what some members are paying on List 3 products.

He wrote, “It could very well force some small and medium-sized businesses to shut their doors, resulting in significant job losses. And it will put many of these products out of the reach of U.S. consumers.

He also noted OIA was surprised and disappointed to see some products removed from previous lists following public comments and a hearing, such as bicycle and snow helmets, have re-appeared on List 4. He stated, “While outdoor companies are, as I mentioned, actively looking to diversify their sourcing options, in several cases, China continues to dominate the market, with the infrastructure and skilled workforce outdoor products require. Other countries that are viable sourcing options may already be at capacity.”

His full testimony is here.