Outdoor Product sales achieved double-digit sales growth in February as winter weather across much of the country fueled favorable comparisons to the spring-like weather a year ago. Outdoor Footwear continued to drag down the overall business, due primarily to the decline in Barefoot Footwear sales in the Mall Retailer channel. Outdoor Apparel and Outdoor Hardgoods both turned in double-digit gains for the four-week period that ended March 2, 2013, as the late – and consistent – arrival of snow across much of the U.S. pushed sales higher.

Winter weather arrived with a welcomed vengeance in February, explained James Hartford, CEO and chief market analyst at The SportsOneSource Group, which manages the OIA VantagePoint platform. The winter weather fueled strong sales of boots and outerwear, much of which was already in the promotional cycle as retailers prepared for another early arrival of spring this year. Consequently, retailers were ringing the cash register with boots instead of sandals and running shoes, and insulated outerwear instead of light shells and shorts. 

Overall Outdoor Product sales were up 10.2 percent to $769.4 million in the fiscal month on the strength of National Accounts Internet, Discount/Mass, Family Footwear and Independent Outdoor channels. Comprehensive results will be published later this month in the OIA VantagePoint monthly trend report, available as a member benefit for Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) members. For more information on becoming an OIA member, visit outdoorindustry.org or call 303.444.3353.

OIA VantagePoint is the first and only full market point-of-sale data platform built specifically for the outdoor industry. OIA VantagePoint monthly trend reports provide the broadest and most timely view of outdoor product sales available.  Category reports are available at no charge to OIA members and provide comprehensive visibility into the outdoor marketplace by tracking weekly point-of-sale data from more than 10,000 retail doors and websites that carry outdoor products, including nearly 450 outdoor specialty locations. It is the broadest view of both brick and mortar and Internet sales of outdoor products available in the market. In-depth sales information is available online within four days of the prior-week close – a competitive advantage for businesses who can shift critical resources and react quickly to ever-changing consumer preferences.