Wearable technology can be an entry point to outdoor recreation and a motivation for increased activity in the outdoors, according to Outdoor Industry Associations (OIA) new Wearable Technology: Changing Outdoor Behaviors Bring New Opportunities report.

This second Social Media Listening Report identifies consumer behavior around wearable technology through emerging themes and trends in their social media dialogue. Launched in March with Crowdfunding: Rise of Brand Democracy and Opportunities for Outdoor, the Social Media Listening Reports are a unique tool for exploring topics relevant to outdoor through online conversations taking place across millions of social sources globally.

Heightened consumer commitment to health and wellness and the desire to manage their mental and physical health is a driving force behind the rise in mainstream adoption of wearable technology. In outdoor, technology is now an inherent part of most consumers recreation and while wearable technology is not new to the industry, device advancements to better meet consumers needs have fueled tremendous growth in recent years. In fact, the number of portable/wearable technology brands exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer has increased nearly 60 percent in the last four years.

The extensive online conversation demonstrates that beyond their rational and functional expectations, consumers are developing increasingly sophisticated and emotional relationships with their devices, said Samantha Searles, OIAs Director of Consumer Insights. Social media listening is a great means for discovering such trends and what they can signify for the outdoor industry.

The Wearable Technology report is available for free download to OIAs supply chain members and for purchase to others at outdoorindustry.org/research/socialmedia.php


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