In a letter, Amy Roberts, executive director, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), said she was pleased that no national monument designations will be rescinded as indicated in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s National Monument Review Summary Report but was concerned about the “lack of details and transparency, especially regarding the recommendation to alter some monument’s borders.”

The full letter follows:

Today, Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Ryan Zinke issued a report to the president recommending boundary adjustments and perhaps other changes to a “handful” of national monuments while at the same time recommending that no monuments be rescinded or eliminated altogether. This announcement comes after an April 24 executive order directing DOI to review 27 of our nation’s national monuments that have been designated over the past 21 years.  

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is exceptionally proud of its members and the millions of Americans who stood up and expressed their support for America’s public lands. Their efforts have ensured that no national monument designations will be rescinded. However, our work continues. We are disappointed in the DOI report summary and its lack of details and transparency, especially regarding the recommendation to alter some monument’s borders. It provides no detail on which monuments might be affected or a timeline for the release of additional specifics.

“The vagueness of Secretary Zinke’s report summary creates uncertainty for outdoor businesses and local communities,” said Amy Roberts, executive director of the Outdoor Industry Association. “As we wait for the administration to disclose additional details, we will remain vigilant and will continue to inform our members and stakeholders as information is released.”
Last week, more than 350 outdoor businesses and their executives sent a letter to Secretary Zinke, underscoring how invaluable national monuments are to our nation’s $887 billion outdoor recreation economy and to Americans’ public health. National monuments create jobs and contiguous local economies that are at once, healthy, renewable and sustainable.
We intend to continue our work ensuring the legacy of national monuments and the access and experiences they provide for Americans. We remain opposed to any changes that reduce opportunities to enjoy these protected places.

Amy Roberts | Executive Director, Outdoor Industry Association