Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) has selected The SportsOneSource Group to develop and manage a new retail point-of-sale (POS) tracking system designed specifically for manufacturers and retailers in the active outdoor lifestyle industry. The new system is scheduled to launch in February, 2010, and will provide broad, in-depth coverage of weekly retail sales of outdoor products in channels ranging from full-line sporting goods and outdoor specialty to family footwear, department stores and Internet/catalog retailers.

The new Internet-based reporting system is a result of an eight month audit of retailers and manufacturers and will be available via the OIA website (outdoorindustry.org).

“The industry has told us they want timely and in-depth information from a wide variety of retailers in various retail trade channels,” commented Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of Outdoor Industry Association. “This view across the full spectrum of selling channels and regions is critical to thoroughly understanding the entire retail landscape and identifying trends and opportunities. OIA is extremely pleased to partner with The SportsOneSource Group to provide this beneficial service to our members.”

The SportsOneSource Group is a leader in the management of retail sales analytics utilizing the SportScanInfo platform. For over ten years, SportScanInfo has provided weekly reports and data analysis of outdoor and sporting goods products for the sporting goods industry. The SportsOneSource Group will leverage the SportScanInfo technology to provide members of Outdoor Industry Association a retail sales analysis tool that gives manufacturers visibility into aggregated weekly retail point-of-sale data and gives retailers visibility into the weekly sales cycles for specific brands, products and categories.

James Hartford, president and CEO of The SportsOneSource Group states, “We are excited to provide this valuable information tool to members of the Outdoor Industry Association community. We look forward to working closely with the retailers and manufacturers that drive the outdoor specialty channel.”

Outdoor Industry Association is encouraging all outdoor specialty retailers to enroll with SportsOneSource to report point-of-sale data into the new platform. There is no cost to retailers and they will receive complimentary, full access to the system regardless of OIA membership.

Interested retailers should contact SportsOneSource at 704-987-3450 for more details.

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