Ogio International Inc., which is owned by Callaway Golf, announced a global brand refresh featuring a new line of products, refined messaging, new website and modernized logo.

The rebrand represents the company’s strategic plan for growth and follows closely behind Ogio’s 30th anniversary and acquisition by the Callaway Golf.

The refresh showcases the company’s evolution from a veteran to an industry-leading global brand known for the highest-quality performance bags in the world.

“Innovation is the driving force of everything we do,” said Harry Arnett, president of Ogio. “Change is obviously critical for any brand, especially one that has been around for 30 years like we have. The products we are launching represent the very best in design, quality and performance. It’s an exciting step forward for our company, and we know current fans and potential new fans of Ogio will love the new direction.”

As part of Ogio’s rebrand, the company will launch its first product collection, called Ogio ALPHA Convoy. Designed to be rugged, utilitarian and bold, this line of products is built to withstand the test of time. The collection is built with premium components and materials including Cordura EcoMade fabric. This special material is ultra-durable and also made from recycled plastics, reducing the energy consumption in the manufacturing process. Ogio ALPHA Convoy features a cohesive lineup of four backpacks, three travel bags and two golf bags, which will be unveiled in late 2018.

“Tapping into our heritage is extremely important for Ogio’s future success. Ogio’s design has been rooted in durability and organization since its inception, and the newly launched line exceeds our expectations by introducing an additional pillar of sustainability. As consumers demand change, we are committed to changing with them, and the recycled materials used in our new products are just one example of our commitment to innovate and adapt,” said Jeff Rang, design director at Ogio.

Ogio’s new branding allows the company to cohesively communicate that its innovations help its users turn their ambitions into achievements. The company’s new modern logo and updated website bring a sharp new visual identity to Ogio. The updated website is a major shift towards engaging with the modern, digital-first consumer through a balance of visual content and in-depth information on Ogio technology and innovation.