Warren Miller, the legendary ski filmmaker, died Wednesday night at 93.

He died peacefully of natural causes at his home on Orcas Island, WA, his family announced Thursday.

Miller was the founder of Warren Miller Entertainment and produced, directed and narrated his films until 1988. His credits included over 750 sports films, several books and hundreds of published non-fiction stories, according to Wikipedia.

According to Megan Michelson for Outside Magazine, “Miller’s early films came out during the era when many ski resorts were first opening in the 1950s and ’60s. Skiing was transforming from an a niche, elite activity to one enjoyed by the masses, and it was helped along in large part by Miller’s fun, mainstream films.”

Wrote Matt Higgins for the New York Times, “Mr. Miller’s films depicted winter sports with grandeur, beauty and a mischievous sense of fun that attracted viewers who had never set foot on a slope. The mainstream appeal of his films helped turn winter sports from a niche pursuit to a widely popular pastime and a multibillion-dollar industry.”