Carol M. White, who passed away on Oct. 21, was best known in the sports and fitness industry as the author and namesake of the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Act, which has provided $800 million in federal funds to quality physical education since 2002.

“Carol was creative, energetic and technically skilled, three skills she put to work every day in drafting and passing the PEP bill,” said Tom Cove, SFIA President & CEO who worked closely with White. “When we first went to Capitol Hill in the 1990’s to push for more Physical Education, we were met with a lot of closed doors and indifference.  Carol and her boss, Ted Stevens, immediately “got it”, and took the lead on developing solutions.  We are forever indebted to Carol for her leadership and zeal to help America’s children.”

Carol M. White worked for then-Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) for 21 years, retiring as his Chief of Staff in 2002. It was in this capacity that Mrs. White authored the PEP Act, which is still currently funded. In the late 1990’s, she was a part of a small group trying to re-invigorate PE in America. SFIA believes it is an unequivocal fact there would have been no PEP, and probably no federal funding for physical education, without the stalwart efforts of Carol White and Ted Stevens. PEP is highly supported by the SFIA and its member companies every year at National Health through Fitness Day.

“She was a warrior and leader for Physical Education and PEP.  Without Carol, PEP would never have existed,” said PHIT America founder Jim Baugh.  “The entire sports and fitness community mourns the passing of Carol. PHIT America and its nearly 150 Founding and Alliance Sponsors are continuing to push the crusade of the importance of daily P.E. in our schools for all children (K-12), which was started by Senator Stevens and his longtime staffer Carol M. White.”