Motorola, Inc. and Oakley, Inc. have announced a joint venture to introduce new Bluetooth-enabled wearable wireless communications devices.

Motorola is collaborating with Oakley — the leader in eyewear design, technology and innovation — to fuse Motorola’s latest Bluetooth technology with Oakley’s advanced eyewear concepts. Details and designs are set to be unveiled by mid-2005. Company executives said their mutual objective is to deliver evolutionary and innovative products for consumers who want hands- free, untethered operation of their electronic devices.

“Motorola’s continuing leadership in Bluetooth technology has opened up unique relationship opportunities with key lifestyle brands such as Oakley,” said Bruce Hawver, Companion Products Group vice president and general manager, Motorola. “That’s the power of our joint venture — it allows us to reach out to new and different types of users of the technology — enabling seamlessly mobile wireless communications anywhere and everywhere consumers want to be.”

“By teaming with Motorola, were dramatically expanding the possibilities for our new electronics category,” said Cos Lykos, Vice President of Business Development. “Oakley’s engineering team now has an expanded technology arsenal to develop new and innovative electronic products.”