The Oakland Raiders’ largest fan club, The Black Hole, announced a new partnership with sports fan club network FanWide.

FanWide will help The Black Hole develop and grow their chapters nationwide, promote their events through their network, give access to FanWide’s digital platform, and assist with sponsorship deals. The Black Hole will be working with FanWide to expand their national following through 2019 and into the future.

Arguably one of the most enthusiastic and recognizable fan bases in the NFL, The Black Hole, was founded in 1995 in Hayward, CA. Part of the Raider Nation, The Black Hole are the premier members of the Raiders fanbase, many of whom wear silver and black outfits every game at The Oakland Coliseum. The Black Hole boasts thousands of fans across North America and beyond. The Black Hole started in section 105 behind the South Endzone, but now their members sit throughout the stadium, all clad in black. By partnering with FanWide, The Black Hole expects to add over 100 new chapters across the country, pairing them with local sports bars who will proudly support “Football’s Most Notorious Fans.”

FanWide will also assist with creating new sponsorship opportunities with various well-known industry brands.

“We are excited to partner with FanWide as they will allow us to connect with fans that we would never have been able to reach, helping us solve every challenge that comes with scaling a fan club network” said Rob Rivera, president and founding member of The Black Hole fan club. “We need to ensure our Silver and Black Pride will stay as strong as ever and having new chapters throughout the United States and beyond will give fans access to this amazing community wherever they live or travel.”

FanWide is a digital platform for sports fan clubs which helps fans find the closest game watch party for their favorite team at a local sports bar in any city. Seattle-based FanWide has promoted 1.2 million events for over 14,000 fan club chapters at 10,000 sports bars nationwide. The company partners with professional teams and leagues, as well as their fan clubs, who are looking to increase their viewership and fan engagement by getting featured airtime at sports bars. FanWide promotes these game watch parties to its network of sports fans, directing local supporters to meet up at the same bar which will be featuring their game on TV with sound. Through FanWide’s platform, The Black Hole and their sponsors can run contests, promotions and even measure the attendance from all the team’s watch parties.

“The Black Hole is one of the most popular and enthusiastic fan clubs in the world,” added Symon Perriman, CEO and founder of FanWide. “They represent the passion that sports fans can bring to a community, and we are proud to help them grow their brand and extend their influence.”