Nuun, the maker of electrolyte enhanced drink tablets, is debuting an athlete hydration testing program in Kona at the Ironman World Championships.

The hydration test protocol is a combination of three tests: a sweat
test, a urine analysis and a body weight percentage test. All three
combined allow the athlete to understand exactly how many ounces of
fluid along with the proper amount of electrolytes to consume and how
well carbohydrates, fats, lipids and water are being absorbed into the

Both the sweat test and urine test may be performed using
easy-to-follow downloadable PDFs with step-by-step test instructions and
charts (for urine analysis). Testing is simple and result
interpretation is easy.

Educating athletes is a top priority for us, comments test developer, Vishal Patel, Certified Nutritionist and Nuuns Education and Innovations leader. When an athletes hydration plan is perfectly dialed, he or she is able to fully maximize his or her potential.

The program rolls out in Kailua- Kona, HI at the IRONMAN® World Championships, arguably one of the most challenging athletic events in the world.

The climate in Hawaii combined with the concentration of world-stage athletic talent makes Kona the perfect launching ground, says Nuun President and CEO, Kevin Rutherford. We are eager to bring this simple and important program into the endurance sports arena.

There, alongside Endurance Conspiracy at the Endurance Maximus retail store on October 8 to 11, athletes can sample Nuun and undergo the hydration test.

Throughout 2015, Nuun will offer the same tests at a wide range of additional endurance events across the country.