Bravo Sports Corp., which is backed by Transom Capital Group, has acquired Nutcase Inc., the Portland, OR-based maker of colorful eye‐catching helmets designed for the urban cycling revolution.

“Protection is one of our key areas of growth” says Leonardo Pais, CEO of Bravo Sports. “We have been focused on expanding Bravo Sports’ specialty division, and are proud to be able to offer Nutcase as a bicycle helmet for riders of all ages worldwide.”

Founded in 2006 as the brainchild of Michael Morrow, a former Nike creative director, Nutcase was conceived on the belief that a helmet should be an extension of one’s personality. With the goal of making helmets that offer a creative and stylish way for riders to express their individuality, Nutcase quickly resonated with adults and kids alike, inspiring bike riders to want to wear helmets.

“Now is the perfect time for the next growth phase of the Nutcase brand,” said Michael Morrow, Nutcase Founder and President. “This merger will allow our product design, brand marketing, and sales organizations around the world to continue to innovate in the bicycle helmet market, with an emphasis on integrating creativity and technology to meet the safety needs and lifestyle aspirations of riders worldwide.”

“Bravo Sports is the undisputed leader of the skate market,” said Russ Roenick, Co-­Founder and Managing Director of Transom Capital. “The brand recognition and excellent distribution of Nutcase will be a great asset in expanding our sports lifestyle division.”

Nutcase will continue to be based in Portland, OR, America’s Bike Capital.

 Bravo Sports brand portfolio includes Pro-­Tec,Sector 9, Kryptonics, Nutcase Helmets, Gullwing, Rad Wheels, Vision, Variflex, Satellite, Maple, Channel One, Static,Ten-Eighty, Hyper, ONE Industries, SixSixOne, E-­‐Z UP, Shade Tech, Quik Shade, John Deere, Element, Moto Shade, Quik Chair, Quik Shade Pets, Airzone, PlayWheels, Pulse Performance Products, Pulse Safe Start to go along with industry-­leading licenses with outstanding partners like Marvel, Nickelodeon, Disney/Pixar, Sanrio, Dreamworks, Darkstar and Speed Demons.

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