According to the NSGA, athletic footwear prices are on the rise as average prices have grown for the past two years running after a slight decrease in 2003. In 2005, the average price of athletic and sports footwear rose 2.0% to $40.33 from $39.32 in 2004, according to the “The Sporting Goods Market in 2005” published by the NSGA.

With advances in average prices outnumbering declines more than two to one for the 22 categories of athletic and sports footwear surveyed, the average price point for all footwear rose 2.0% in 2005. In 2004, the average rose 1.7%; in 2003, it declined 0.3%.

More than 2% increases in major categories, jogging/running (+4.2%), gym shoes/sneakers (+2.6%), and walking shoes (+2.4%), led the overall increase.

“The 2.0% increase in 2005 and the 1.1% increase in 2004 followed downturns in the three previous years, 0.3%, 3.0% and 0.4% respectively,” said NSGA VP of Information & Research Thomas B. Doyle. “However, the year’s overall average just matched the 2000 average price of $40.32, the highest in the history of the NSGA survey. The weaker promotional environment and exciting new products probably accounts for the 2005 growth.