NRI Distribution has broken ground on the construction of their latest building in Kamloops, BC. Due to be completed for the 1st of July, this additional 55,000 sqft will boost their total space in Kamloops to 140,000 sqft. NRI opened its first operation in Kamloops in 1997 in a 9000 sqft building. In response to its growth the company expanded in 1999 to 35,000 sqft. A facility was also added in Ontario at that time. A second building was added in Kamloops in 2001 to add another 50,000 sqft. Now with continued growth they are set to expand again.

“Growth in the volumes of existing clients as well as the addition of substantial new business has created the need to grow our Kamloops space by over sixty percent” says Peter McKenna, President of NRI Distribution Inc. “We just recently added over fifty percent to our space in Brampton, and now we're expanding in Kamloops once again. We will continue to aggressively pursue new opportunities for distribution in 2006 and beyond”.