NRI Distribution Inc., the third-party logistics provider, appointed Brian White, former vice president of sales for Nixon, Inc., to lead business development. Additionally, Ryan Dale-Johnson, former director of accounts for NRI, was promoted to director of business services in the Los Angeles office.

These changes in leadership have strengthened the NRI Distributions team, aiding the company in their current period of rapid growth.

With the recent growth in Montreal and plans for expansion into East Coast USA in Spring 2020, NRI Distributions believes the addition of White as director of business development will help the firm enter new markets.

White brings with him extensive experience developing global programs for action, outdoor, department, and sporting goods clients both at Nixon, Inc. and at his previous, award-winning sales and marketing agency, Unlimited Sales.

“At Nixon, I refined my business development skills and forged key account relationships that incorporated drop shipping and marketplace partnerships,” said White. “I take pride in connecting partners with opportunity and see an immense value for brands working with NRI. NRI’s added capacity, services, and growth initiatives make them a trusted industry leader.”

White has a longstanding relationship with NRI Distribution. White has also remained a staunch ally of NRI over the past two decades, as many of his agency’s clients distributed products through NRI.

Peter McKenna, CEO of NRI Distribution, said of White, “I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with some great people. Along the way, I’ve been able to convince some to come work with us. I’m excited to announce that it’s someone we’ve known and worked with since the beginning.”

NRI Distribution Inc. has over 1,000,000 square feet of combined warehouse space in Canada and the United States.