Reebok’s global flagship store opened yesterday at the brand’s headquarters in South Boston within the Innovation and Design Building. 

A key feature is the YourReebok Customization Shop, where customers can create, customize and personalize products on site – and the only store worldwide where customers can customize the iconic made-by-hand Classic Leather shoe. Customers also have the capability to design personalized graphic apparel and accessories in minutes.

The store also carries exclusive and limited-edition Boston-specific products. Product testing is also available to test footwear prior to purchase.

“For the look and feel of the store, our design team took inspiration from fitness studios and gyms, as well as a maker’s workshop, the space evokes a feeling that is inviting to both genders. The premium feeling brings the full breadth of the Reebok brand to life for our consumer, and provides a fantastic backdrop for the best fitness lifestyle product available today.” – Peter Quagge, Director of Retail Design, Reebok.

The store features digital displays, online ordering, mobile point-of-sale and payment methods to deliver a complete brand experience.

Photos courtesy Reebok