Notogroup, the executive search firm led by veteran recruiter Roy Notowitz, announced its next growth step – the addition of senior recruiter Karen Kinared to the growing firm.

With over fourteen years of consulting and executive search experience, Kinared is the perfect fit for Notogroup’s commitment to the long-term success of candidates and client companies.

Adding strength to the team increases Notogroup’s overall speed and capacity, while maintaining the quality of candidates delivered to clients.  “I have worked with Karen in various capacities for over a decade,” says Notowitz.  “She has an efficient approach and professional recruiting style that clients appreciate. Karen’s level of experience, instinct for talent, and dedication to our clients is already amplifying our business.”
Hiring budgets are thawing and the job market is beginning to rebound, but expectations for achieving a significant return on human capital investments remain higher than ever. Notogroup is embracing the challenge with a fresh approach and updated framework that goes beyond the usual recruiting effort.
“Our philosophy is to invest more time up front and leverage our strengths in communication to articulate opportunities in a compelling manner, attracting candidates who might not otherwise consider making a move,” said Notowitz.  “We rely on established relationships to deliver our message by word of mouth to the candidates who may be the busiest and most engaged in the workplace.  Ultimately, clients benefit most from the strong relationships that we have developed over time”.
Another ingredient for success has been a huge focus on creating a streamlined process enabled through technology.   As a result, Notogroup is spending more time on the critical elements of each search such as assessing candidate competencies and facilitating client and candidate communication.

Rather than trying to grow exponentially, the firm is focused on growing organically “It is more sustainable for us to let the quality of work drive our success,” added Notowitz.