Nordica announced a new marketing structure. The new structure enables the growing company to better meet the needs of the industry and target markets.

“We have refined our marketing management structure to better meet the needs of our customers and markets as well as handle the demands of a growing company,” said Andy Knittle, CEO of Nordica USA. Under the new structure, Andy Hare is promoted to the role of Product Marketing Manager
overseeing the positioning of Nordica’s products in the U.S. market. Willy Booker has been promoted to the position of Ski Product and Promotions Manager responsible for the development of the U.S. ski collection.

Rounding out the marketing management team is Wendy Reger who is the Marketing Communications Manager and Matthew Knittle who is responsible for Nordica’s racing program in North America as the Race Sales and Service Manager.

“I have tremendous confidence in the team that we have at Nordica right
now. With the new marketing management structure and a fantastic
Customer Service Team, headed by Theresa Powell, we are ready to
continue our quest to gain the number one market share position in the
USA,” noted Knittle.