Nike employees must work in the office four days a week starting January 2024. Since May 2022, Nike has required office attendance three days a week.

In a media statement, Nike cited the benefits of face-to-face collaboration as the reason for the change. “We’ve seen the power and energy that comes from working together in person, and we aim to create more of that.” 

Nike first targeted September 2021 for a limited return to its offices, but it delayed plans and another plan to return in December 2021 during spikes in COVID cases. In February 2022, Nike announced its current three-day in-office policy, effective May 2022.

Nike altered its hybrid work policy several times since 2020, with its current policy receiving pushback from employees who wanted more flexibility from where they work. In response, Business Insider reported that Nike updated its policy to include four weeks of remote work each year. It’s unclear if the policy remains in place.

According to its last annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nike is one of Oregon’s largest employers, with 11,400 workers at its Beaverton headquarters. Globally, it employs nearly 84,000, including retail employees.

Nike has offices in Beaverton, New York City, Shanghai, and Hilversum in The Netherlands. It announced last year that it would open a tech center in Atlanta, GA.

The Oregonian reported that Adidas, with its North American headquarters in Portland, OR, requires employees to work from the office three days a week. The company does not specify the days of the week. 

Nike employees receive ten days of remote work per year.

Photo courtesy Nike’s NYC Headquarters