Nike Inc. sued Lululemon Athletica Inc. on Monday in U.S. federal court in Manhattan, charging that at least four of Lululemon footwear products infringe its patents.

In the complaint, Nike said the three patents at issue concern textile and other elements, including one addressing how the footwear will perform when force is applied, according to a report from Reuters. Nike said it suffered economic harm and irreparable injury from Lululemon’s sale of its Blissfeel, Chargefeel Low, Chargefeel Mid and Strongfeel styles and is seeking unspecified damages.

Lululemon has not responded to the complaint.

Nike in January 2022 sued Lululemon for infringing on six patents related to Lululemon’s Mirror home gym. The parents include technology that enables users to target specific levels of exertion, compete with other users, and record their own performance.