In a shareholder proposal released Thursday, activist shareholder platform Tulipshare requested a report from Nike on whether its policies effectively address its stated equity goals and human rights commitments.

The London-based group, which owns 276 Nike shares and aims to help investors push for environmental and social commitments, asked Nike for information on the methodology and metrics used to track forced labor and wage theft risks, according to a report from Reuters.

The proposal also calls on Nike to consider implementing model supplier contracts developed by the American Bar Association and to assess whether its findings lead to changes in the company’s policies or decision-making.

“We now want Nike to be an industry leader and collaborate with their investors and stakeholders in identifying, assessing and avoiding actual or potential human rights abuses that may significantly disrupt their business, competitive advantage and the livelihoods of many workers,” a spokesperson for Tulipshare said in a statement to Reuters.

Photo courtesy Reuters